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Internet Services Provider and Technology Aggregator


While constantly assessing the potential for innovation of new Internet technologies, Datacenter.eu has been driven since its foundation in 2000 by an unshakeable commitment to facilitate digital transformation within organizations by delivering modern, ready to use and safe cloud, colocation and connectivity solutions.

As such, it has been acting as an Internet Services Provider and Technology Aggregator for its customers who leverage its extensive experience in the Internet industry to efficiently run their network & infrastructure backbone, to mitigate their operational risks and to serve their millions of users all across the globe.

Today, Datacenter.eu serves a variety of small, medium & large business customers operating in the financial sector and other industries such as retail, logistics or manufacturing. It also assists IT professionals such as cloud providers and system integrators, e-Commerce businesses and ISVs.

Let’s keep the
momentum going!

While you remain in control of your environment and while you make it evolve at your paste and according to your requirements, our engineers keep the underlying systems at the cutting edge and ready to go that next extra mile.

Our DNA:
the Internet

Born out of a true passion for the Internet, Datacenter.eu has developed the know-how and built a comprehensive toolset of carefully selected technologies required to design, deploy and manage customized, Internet-facing IT environments.

iso27001 certified
ISO 27001

Our ISO 27001 certification stands for the care we give to the performance and security of all our services: Colocation & Datacenter Services; Managed Cloud & Virtual IT infrastructure Solutions; Backup and Disaster Recovery Services; Connectivity/Telecommunication & Internet Services..
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Your changing
needs in mind

As a cloud, colocation & connectivity provider, Datacenter.eu allows its customers to leverage the many benefits of bare-metal, private cloud and public cloud environments as well as to create most advanced IT infrastructures revolving around hybrid or multi-cloud architectures

Why Datacenter Luxembourg?

“In house” Accessibility
and Availability 

Through its formal alliance with LuxNetwork S.A. in 2019, Datacenter.eu integrated the networking capabilities required to effectively guarantee the availability and accessibility of the physical and virtual IT environments hosted in its Tier IV datacenter facilities.

to Delivering

Our commitment to delivering on our promises is achieved in many ways such as end-to-end service ownership, tailored SLAs and safety options, highly qualified network and system engineers, production policies with no compromise on security and performance and ISO 27001 certified operations.


Today, over 60 million B2B & B2C users worldwide use the biggest installed bandwidth capacities in Luxembourg to access IT infrastructures hosted and managed by Datacenter.eu.

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