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Your site traffic optimised

Boost the performance of your site even before the traffic reaches your server.

Profit from our professional DNS service having high accessibility, without latency, and with advanced traffic configuration functions. Our Professional DNS is fed by the fastest and most reliable network, Anycast.

When the customer browser looks for the IP address of your site, our Anycast DNS network optimises the speed in the zone of accessibility by choosing the closest server in the world. Our Anycast DNS network is very large and always available – so the right server is never far away.

The advantages of the Professional DNS solution

  • Customer requests are directed to the closest server via our ultra-fast global network. It is also possible to balance loads between servers.
  • Your DNS results are automatically synchronised on our server name network. With the absence of a single point of failure, the probability of site failure is significantly reduced.
  • The infrastructure is housed in available and reliable datacenters distributed across the four corners of the world. This reduces the possibility of Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS).

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