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In a world of digital transformation where companies have fundamentally changed their way to operate, all-time performing IT and Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions have become ever more indispensableThe risks of malicious hacking attempts and technology outages have however not stopped to grow as the complexity of the underlying systems and the number of the parties involved in their production is increasing with every new release.’s Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions offer suitable alternatives to companies wishing to prepare for data loss or and system outages without having to carry the cost and manage the complexity of building and maintaining their own backup and disaster recovery infrastructures:

3-2-1 backup strategies and performing system replication’s modern Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions are produced using award-winning technologies. They leverage virtualization, storage and cloud technologies for rapid recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) for all applications and data hosted in physical or virtual environments.


Our BaaS solutions are a good fit for organizations wishing to avoid data loss and to recover from system malfunctions using a back-up of a particular time

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Veeam Cloud Connect is an ideal solution for any company wishing to complete their Veeam backup with a second site backup and to manage both backup environments via one console.

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OFFSITE DRAAS SOLUTIONS’s DRaaS solutions instantly boot the latest copy of crashed virtual machines and allow companies to remain operational even if hit by a serious IT crash.

Our backup and replication functionalities include advanced capabilities and deliver efficient protection due to key features such as AES 256 encryption, granular item recovery or high-performance replication.

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