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BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) is a route exchange protocol used on the internet to exchange routing and network accessibility information.

Management of your network with BGP

Depending on the stage of development of your network routers project and because we know that the management of a telecoms network can be difficult, Datacenter Luxembourg has developed two types of solution: the “Architecture” solution, to help you configure your project from the beginning and assist you throughout the process, and the “Engineering” solution to help you optimise the existing architecture.

Management of your infrastructure

The management of equipment, the network infrastructure, the virtualisation platform, the datacenter and the applications is a hard task that involves a certain number of constraints. We have the perfect solution that will gain you time and cause less stress. Our team of experts can manage the entire infrastructure you have installed for you, including: the equipment, the virtual infrastructure and the application layer.

At Datacenter Luxembourg, we always try to go a little bit further to meet your needs. Not only do we sell all of the equipment you have ordered but we can also supply and manage the operating system and the software you need.

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