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The installation of a CDN for your server offers you the most advanced technology for content delivery with unprecedented speed and reactivity.

Your videos will play without interruption, your audio files will start instantly as if they were on your hard disk and your software downloads will be rapid and will have higher success rates. High-volume content is made available to users more rapidly, even abroad.

An improved user experience thanks to CDN

The installation of a CDN is important for everybody. Its use has a big advantage for users abroad: The response time is accelerated, user comfort is improved and your data is secured.

Placing elements such as images on a CDN (Content Delivery Network) allows you to unload the server and geo-locate the users to retrieve the files from the CDN server nearest to them.

The delivery of content fluidly and rapidly is essential and it’s what consumers expect. With a CDN, the use of your bandwidth is reduced and the visitor experience is improved.

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