Cloud Infrastructures Services

High performance – Increased flexibility – Security by design  ready to use cloud infrastructure solutions accelerate the digital transformation of organizations aiming at implementing new generation operating models with remote or home-office workers.

They are produced using awarded VMware virtualization technologies and exclusively hosted in Tier IV datacenter facilities strategically spread over the territory of Luxembourg. They can, with the push of a button, be incorporated with second-site Backup and Disaster Recovery environments for an instant execution of most demanding corporate BCP policies.

They seamlessly integrate with the large GAFAM & BATX public clouds and can hence be used for private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Establish consistent IT operations that drive agility and efficiency wherever
you deploy, manage and use your workloads allows customers wishing to run resource intensive applications to configure their solution for high performance
with reserved capacities or with extensions of their environment to private cloud infrastructures built on higher performance hardware.

Virtual Private Server

Fully managed, ready to use Windows or Linux machines which can be seamlessly integrated with heterogeneous IT infrastructures and data storage systems deployed in multiple locations.

Virtual Private Cloud

virtual dedicated private server luxembourg hybrid cloud service

Logically isolated sections of our public cloud for the deployment and scaling of VMs. VPCs can be configured for optimal storage access performances and high, multi-site resilience.

Dedicated Private Cloud

virtual dedicated private server luxembourg private cloud service

Physically isolated cloud infrastructure provided by dedicated hardware. Fully customized, they combine the benefits of virtual and bare metal infrastructures with no “noisy neighbour” issues



Leverage’s 20 years of experience in the Internet industry to efficiently run your IT backbone,
to mitigate your operational risks and to serve your users from all over the world.

in house it solutions for your IT infrastructure

Fully made “In house”’s cloud and connectivity solutions deliver a seamless user experience and increased flexibility at low risk. They are fully produced “in house” and offer guarantied availability and accessibility backed with effective support and financial compensations

No Hidden Costs does not top up its monthly subscription fees with hidden usage charges and offers unlimited in- & outbound data transfer through its fully redundant network at no additional costs.

Efficiency at low risks

While our experienced virtualization, system and network specialists manage the underlying infrastructures and mitigate the risks of your cloud through intelligent security insight, you can focus on optimizing your IT and business processes.

Scalable performance does not compromise on performance and scalability. It is therefore constantly enforcing its systems with reserved cluster resources allowing them to immediately respond to specific needs while keeping their overall efficiency at their best.