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Cloud infrastructure services

cloud infrastructure solutions luxembourg’s cloud infrastructure services provide access to an eco-system of services and solutions helping professionals to build customized private, public or hybrid cloud hosted in Luxembourg, which can be extended to the clouds of multinational providers such as Amazon, Google or Microsoft.

In October 2019, entered into a formal alliance with Luxnetwork S.A., a major telecommunication operator in Luxembourg. This allows to produce its connectivity and cloud solutions in-house and makes it one of the few operators to guarantee both, the availability and accessibility of its virtual and physical server housing solutions.

Cloud Services Packages

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Servers, also known as VPS, run on high performance VMware cloud services technology infrastructures

Virtual Private Cloud

Centralized cloud automation platform with a self service portal and a pool of network and computing resources

Dedicated Private Cloud

Cost effective way to access comprehensive virtualization technologies, computing resources & network capacities

Agility and Top Performance was amongst the first colocation solutions provider to offer VMware based virtual infrastructures in Luxembourg.

Always driven by an unshakeable commitment to making the latest technologies available to customers, is able to offer a cloud adoption path which starts with on premise server hardware and ends with a full scale virtualised IT environment.

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Benefit from our long term experience in designing and building qualitative cloud infrastructure services.

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Keep your virtual IT backbone updated with’s regularly released enhanced features.

Control of infrastructure

Keep control of your cloud infrastructure. Make it evolve at your pace & according to your requirements.

Your growth & expansion

We ensure that your cloud IT infrastructure scales and continues to deliver top performance.

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