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Datacenter Luxembourg offers cloud services in a virtual environment to rapidly and easily manage your data.

We offer you cloud solutions that allow you to make economies of scale, reduce your infrastructure expenses, improve your flexibility and more effectively manage your projects, to name just a few of the advantages.

Datacenter Luxembourg is based on the IaaS cloud infrastructure as a service) cloud model for its cloud solutions. Our teams look after all the management of equipment, network, virtualisation layers and storage. We also commit to providing you with suitable advice to help you choose the offer you need.

Our cloud solutions for your needs

We offer three models of cloud offers so as to be able to respond to your various needs and configurations in the best way possible: public, private and hybrid.

Public cloud for more flexibility: a high-performance solution that is unlimited in storage space, allowing you to manage your virtual servers independently.

Private cloud for optimum control: you will have adequate resources to manage your data in your dedicated infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud for a good compromise: if you want to benefit from the advantages of the cloud while keeping part of the hardware yourself.

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