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Datacenter Luxembourg, your cloud supplier based in Luxembourg allows you to significantly optimise your operational costs thanks to the sharing of resources in a virtual environment.

With our public cloud, you will benefit from high-performance solutions and a reliable infrastructure for all your web applications and sites. With the public cloud, you are not limited to an exact volume of data. We can rapidly update you as your needs change. Billing is based on the OPEX model: you pay based on the amount of cloud storage you use.

The Datacenter Luxembourg team looks after the maintenance and security of our infrastructure and allows you to make use of our experience and advice for the management of your virtual machines. Our objective is to allow you to organise your IT operations with complete freedom and to help you optimise your resources.

Flexible cloud solutions offered by your supplier

The various on-request cloud products that we offer can be easily managed and are highly compatible: With storage capacity, servers, databases, network security and all the applications that you need.

We have developed a robust ecosystem so that you can choose services and solutions depending on your business objectives.

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