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Connectivity Solutions

Carrier Neutral Local-to-Global Connectivity

As a carrier-neutral provider, is one of the few companies in Luxembourg that can offer fully protected and truly redundant connections using one or more independent networks.

With more than 500 Gbps installed bandwidth capacities and strong partnerships with all the major telecom operators in Luxembourg, we are confident to deliver the connectivity solution that fits best with your needs, your situation and your location.’s DDoS protection services are available for our IP Transit and FiberIP Internet access solutions.

Colocation | Tailored Solutions by Datacenter Luxembourg


FiberLink connectivity solutions reach up to 100 Gbps data transmission speeds. They are produced using different technologies, each offering distinctive advantages.

Expand the reach and scope of your network with cost effective solutions designed to build robust, high performing point-to-(multi)point and secure national and international connections.

Connectivity Solutions | Datacenter Luxembourg


FiberIP –’s symmetric and robust Internet access solutions.

Perform full speed up- and downloads with no data volume limitations, a courtesy of our dedicated, ultra-high-speed bandwidth ranging up to more than 10 Gbps.

IP Transit

IP Transit solutions are produced using a 500 Gbps+ IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack network and comply with the requirements of wholesales carriers, cloud services providers, independent software vendors and any SMB seeking for high performance internet.

 Open your business to the global Internet with’s IP Transit solutions

Connectivity Solutions | Datacenter Luxembourg

DDoS protected Connectivity Solutions’s DDoS protection services are available for its IP Transit and FiberIP Internet access solutions.

They allow customers to protect their online services and Internet facing infrastructures against any size of DDoS attacks. DDoS protected IP Transit and FiberIP solutions can be delivered with the same bandwidth speeds as their non-protected counterparts.

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