Datacenter Luxembourg : Colocation, cloud and connectivity

Dark fibre is raw fibre optic installed but not activated. It is called dark fibre because it is not yet supplied with a light source. It can be rented in the raw state to a customer. The customer then has the active equipment at the ends of the fibre and none of the operator’s active equipment is used for the transmission.

Dark fibre is a service of interest to customers who want to retain complete control of their network architecture. The company can therefore choose for themselves the protocols and speeds for their dark fibre.

Dark fibre, fibre optic, supplies high-speed to you

Dark fibre services are more and more requested by companies that want to install high-speed point to point networks between two datacenters and/or to their various sites. Do you manage a company and need high-speed and professional internet access, that offers the performance and functionalities that you need across the world? supplies dedicated secure access with a very high bandwidth, preventing any risk of overloading. We can supply any kind of internet access using the best existing technology at any speed. We work exclusively within Luxembourg for local professionals. is one of the main operators in the Luxembourg market.