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Datacenter security is primordial for our teams. Your datacenter in Luxembourg is located in the heart of the European e-business quarter and at the centre of “Greater Europe”. 

Luxembourg is at the leading edge of e-commerce, the internet and the distribution of European content. The Grand-Duchy is an international centre of confidence for ICT, media and e-business. The country benefits from a solid legal and financial framework and an excellent technical environment (last-mile connectivity, tier 4 datacenters).

A stable and favourable business setting for storing your data in complete security

For more than twenty years, the Luxembourg economy has had impressive performance: vigorous growth, trade surplus, low unemployment and limited inflation in a stable and innovative environment for both companies and consumers.
Thanks to the rapid and flexible action of the government and the private sector, the stability of the Grand Duchy was not threatened by the global economic and financial crisis.

The country takes pride in having the highest per capita GDP in the OECD zone and having a banking system that is well capitalised with regard to international standards.
In 2013, Luxembourg’s score was raised to “AAA” by the Standard & Poor’s rating agency.

A datacenter of confidence

The ICT community in the financial sector has developed strong skills and has inspired the entire ICT community on points such as: Security, redundancy, confidentiality, certified procedures, R&D and a solid regulatory environment.

The “ultra-passband” strategy led by the government is also a key factor. The announced objective is 1 Gbps for download and 500 Mbps for loading (100% coverage) by the end of 2020.

Created in 2009, LU-CIX (The Luxembourg commercial internet exchange point) is an inter-industry initiative supported by the Luxembourg government. Datacenter Luxembourg was one of the founding members and is still active within the organisation.

Datacenters as ecosystems

Luxembourg possesses some of the most modern datacenters in Europe, with low-latency connections to all the major European internet hubs. Twenty-three datacenters are in operation in Luxembourg, with a total area of 46,761 m2, giving this little country one of the highest datacenter densities in the world.

Luxembourg has direct connections to all the internet exchange hubs (AMS-DC, LINX, DE-CIX) and to all the datacenters such as Equinix, Telecity, EU networks and Interxion.

Two thirds of the Luxembourg datacenters meet the highest specification, Tier 4.

Electricity prices
One of the lowest in Europe

Luxembourg supplies the lowest prices in Europe (third in the European classification) for electrical energy for industrial customers.

A satisfying intellectual property regime

Luxembourg is aligned to all of the major IP treaties and conventions in order to provide a safe and secure Intellectual Property environment, in accordance with European law and international agreements.

Luxembourg is the first choice for the development, protection and management of intellectual property as well as the optimisation of financial advantages. This allows companies and organisations to position Intellectual Property as a cornerstone of their innovative business models.

The Luxembourg Institute of intellectual property (IPIL) helps innovative companies, research actors, public institutions and interested persons by supplying them with national and international expertise to identify, secure, exploit and supply legal advice about intellectual property law.

For more information about Luxembourg and its many advantages: http://ict.investinluxembourg. lu/

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