DDoS Protection

Protect your IT against DDoS attack

The World Economic Forum (WEF) ranked cybercrimes and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, right behind environmental risks at place 4 of its top 5 most threatening global risks for our society in 2018. DDoS attacks have indeed dramatically increased in size and occurrence and have become a serious threat for any institution or business with Internet exposure.

To help them prepare for a random or a targeted DDoS attack and to support the efforts made to protect users from the negative impact of unavailable online services, Datacenter.eu launched in close partnership with DDoS expert Volterra :


The first unlimited, GDPR compliant DDoS protection service in Luxembourg.

DDoS Protection Packages

DDoS PROTECT is available for our IP Transit and FiberIP Internet access solutions. Its level of service is expressed in always available minimum bandwidths speeds, with only clean legitimate traffic that is routed back to the protected network in case of an attack.

It has been designed to allow you to only purchase as much protection as you really need. It gives you the option to only protect your IT against volumetric attacks via the INFRA PROTECT packages, or to implement a full protection against sophisticated layer 7 attacks with APP PROTECT.


Unlimited L3 & L4 DDOS protection for your infrastructure and your Internet connection

Datacenter.eu’s INFRA PROTECT services provide unlimited DDoS protection, handling commonly known types of DDoS attacks at the Layers 3 and 4. They protect your IT infrastructure – physical or virtual – as well as your on-premise IT infrastructures against volumetric DDoS attacks of any size.

INFRA PROTECT focuses on what it does best: the mitigation of DDoS attacks. It leaves the decision to activate the protection to the customer.


Unlimited L3, L4 & L7 DDoS protection for your infrastructure, applications and Internet connection

APP PROTECT handles attacks at the network, server/resource and application-layer. The packages have been designed to fit with various DDoS attack detection & mitigation scenarios. Those scenarios range from a fully managed DDoS protection service to a straight forward access to Datacenter.eu’s DDoS mitigation technologies and the option to build personalized DDoS protection services for yourself or your customers.

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DDoS Protection Benefits


Protection that keeps your systems online – no matter the size of the DDoS attack you may be exposed to.


Fully managed and ready to use DDoS protection service. Requiring neither hardware deployment nor major upfront commitments.


Efficient protection against most common forms of DDoS attacks using various protocols and targeting different system layers.


Massive DDoS absorption capacities, strategically spread across multiple scrubbing centres, protect you against attacks long before they reach your IT.


Real time support from experienced DDoS mitigation specialists to help you manage attacks while they occur.


Abundant mitigation capacities, automated traffic diversion systems and direct connections with the scrubbing centers, assure min. latency by design.