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DDoS Protect

Datacenter Luxembourg’s DDoS Protect: we protect your IT

While Customers have developed a zero fault tolerance towards slow websites, unreactive user interfaces and unavailable cloud services, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have become an increasingly used technique to render them totally unavailable.

The growing popularity of DDoS amongst the hacker community is due to its simplicity to produce and effectiveness to cause harm. Research shows that attackers target any kind of organization for extortion, hacktivism, political motivation, competitive reasons, or as part of a data breach. No matter the motivation, DDoS attacks have the potential to significantly harm digital businesses. This is why Datacenter Luxembourg launched in close partnership with DDoS expert Acorus Network: DDoS Protect.

Datacenter Luxembourg’s DDoS Protect is the first GDPR compliant, unlimited DDoS protection service in Luxembourg. The DDoS mitigation platforms are hosted in Luxembourg and in Paris and protect you against DDoS attacks long before they reach your IT.

Protect your company from DDoS attacks


L3 & L4 DDoS protection for Cloud and Connectivity solutions

Infra Protect provides fully automated, unlimited DDoS protection, handling approx. 95% of all known types of volumetric DDoS attacks at Layers 3 & 4. This DDoS protection is automatically activated based on preconfigured mitigation policies or initiated by “always on” adaptive network behavioral analysis systems and challenge response technologies.


Service Portal Program for tailored application level DDoS protection

The DDoS Protect Service Portal Program gives companies and cyber security service providers, looking for more advanced security solutions, the capability to build tailored DDoS protection solutions and to deliver sophisticated DDoS protection services against volumetric (L3 and L4) and application level attacks (L7).

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The first unlimited, GDPR compliant DDoS protection service in Luxembourg

DDoS Protect Benefits


Our level of service is expressed by regular non-attack traffic – no matter the size of the DDoS attack you may be exposed to.


Our “always on” traffic monitoring systems detect threats and send alerts or launch the mitigation automatically.


We protect you against all known forms of DDoS attacks at network, infrastructure and, if desired, up to the application layer.


DDoS attack absorption capacities strategically spread across scrubbing centres in Luxembourg and Paris protect you against attacks long before they reach your IT.


DDoS protect is a ready to use, fully managed, DDoS protection service requiring neither hardware deployment nor major upfront commitments.


Abundant mitigation capacities, fully automated detection and diversion systems and direct fiber connection to the scrubbing centers assure minimal latency.

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