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High Performing Managed Point-to-Point Connections

Regardless of whether you’re creating building-to-building, data center-to-data center, cloud-to-cloud or even a hybrid solution, in order to expand the reach and scope of your network, you need high-end point-to-point connections.

Datacenter Luxembourg’s carrier-neutral FiberLink offers up to 100 Gbps data transmission speeds and is an ideal solution for a number of purposes, including accessing remote server farms, operating dual active-active production sites or for sharing content amongst several endpoints.

FiberLink Technologies

The FiberLink connections are produced using different technologies offering distinctive advantages:


The Layer 2 connectivity service is an easy solution to build secure national connections able to handle continuous data growth and increasing application performance.


The Layer 3 MPLS- based IP VPN connectivity service is a cost effective solution to build encrypted national and international connections or VPNs to deliver voice, data and video.


The dedicated broadband, delivered over a DWDM network, can be used to produce encrypted Ethernet, Fiber Channel or SONET/ SDH WDM connections without heavy investments.


Dark Fibers are ideal for anyone looking for ultra- high speed connections able to carry multiple circuits over a single path in complete security.

Our FiberLink connectivity solutions offer a large variety of options. Datacenter Luxembourg is amongst the few companies to offer fully protected & truly redundant connections. We use cutting edge data-carrying technologies to operate our high-performance telecom networks and to produce our Connectivity solutions.

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