High Performing Managed Point-To-(Multi) Point Connections


Regardless of whether you’re creating building-to-building, data center-to-data center, cloud-to-cloud or even a hybrid solution, in order to expand the reach and scope of your network, you need high-end point-to-point connections.’s carrier-neutral FiberLink offers up to 100 Gbps data transmission speeds and is an ideal solution for a number of purposes, including accessing remote server farms, operating dual active-active production sites or for sharing content amongst several endpoints.

FiberLink Benefits

The FiberLink connections are produced using different technologies offering distinctive advantages:

carrier ethernet


The Layer 2 connectivity service is an easy solution to build secure national connections able to handle continuous data growth and increasing application performance.


The Layer 3 MPLS- based IP VPN connectivity service is a cost effective solution to build encrypted national and international connections or VPNs to deliver voice, data and video.


The dedicated broadband, delivered over a DWDM network, can be used to produce encrypted Ethernet, Fiber Channel or SONET/ SDH WDM connections without heavy investments.

dark fiber luxembourg


Dark Fibers are ideal for anyone looking for ultra- high speed connections able to carry multiple circuits over a single path in complete security.

Colocation | Tailored Solutions by Datacenter Luxembourg
DDoS protected Connectivity Solutions’s DDoS protection services are available for its IP Transit and FiberIP Internet access solutions.

They allow customers to protect their online services and Internet facing infrastructures against any size of DDoS attacks.
DDoS protected IP Transit and FiberIP solutions can be delivered with the same bandwidth speeds as their non-protected counterparts.

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