Datacenter Luxembourg : Colocation, cloud and connectivity

Hands and eyes, what is it? We are your hands and eyes for all basic interventions inside the datacenter. That saves you having to come out and travel miles for the most basic intervention (for example, to see whether a light is blinking).

Do you need to physically restart your server? We can do it for you. We can go over there and perform the procedure on request.

Your technical support available 24/7 with Hands and Eyes

In conclusion, we perform all the interventions in accordance with your procedures that do not require great technical skill, so you can save time and money. Don’t make one of your engineers come out for a simple procedure. Our professionals know the environment perfectly and will know the procedure to perform to correct any technical problems. We can provide this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, reinforced by our engineers and experts.

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