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A hybrid cloud is an environment where the resources are supplied and managed both internally and externally.

The specifics of a hybrid cloud solution

The hybrid cloud is a custom IT infrastructure where the customer has their own part of the hardware connected to a shared cloud part. This is kept in our datacenter and is accessible via dedicated lines. The hybrid cloud is similar to a special private cloud as part of the infrastructure belongs to the customer. You can opt to be billed based on the OPEX or CAPEX models.

The major difference from a public cloud or a private cloud is that part of the infrastructure is outside the cloud. Not all of the infrastructure is 100% in the cloud, contrary to other solutions. This cloud service responds perfectly to the specific and/or technical needs related to your business. Like the private cloud, the hybrid cloud offers maximum data security and rapid performance. We can help you create your ideal environment, based on all of the services that we offer and our extensive expertise.

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