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To benefit from the transport of your sensitive data under the best conditions, Datacenter Luxembourg offers you private/dedicated line solutions. We transport your sensitive data at the national and international level.

 Are you looking for a dedicated line with an end-to-end solution? Our technical solutions allow us to assist you in the construction of your network so you can develop your business in complete confidence.

What are the advantages of your internet connection in Luxembourg?

Dedicated lines are used by a large number of companies and institutions to develop private IT networks, form private telecoms networks and access the internet.

The major benefits:

  • Global connectivity: we offer you global connectivity thanks to our Private/Dedicated lines service throughout the entire world, thus allowing worldwide implementations and significant localisation opportunities.
  • Increased performance: Our services offer a dedicated bandwidth for high-priority business applications in order to guarantee unequalled performance.
  • Reliability: we supply different routes for the transport and rapid restoration in the case of faults.
  • Flexibility: our private lines are independent of any protocol and can transport voice, video, IP and data.

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