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Multi-Cloud Data Protection Solutions

Multi-Cloud Data Protection Solutions:

Shield off cybersecurity threats and prevent data loss & systems outages with our backup and disaster recovery solutions

Digital transformation and all-time performing IT are two inseparable concepts. Today, most of the organizations rely on modern and internet facing technologies to run their operations. Along with the use of such technologies comes however a high exposure to cyber attacks and increased risks of technology outages. Such phenomenon is explained by the complexity of underlying IT systems. And it is dramatically increasing with every new feature and every newly introduced type of device.

Define and implement your backup and disaster recovery strategy

As a matter of fact, the previous finding leaves companies no choice but to protect their most valuable item, their data. It’s vital to preserve this capital from being corrupted, unavailable or even accidentally deleted.

In this context you can implement different proven data protection strategies. Ranging from “3-2-1”, to “3-2-2” and even “3-2-3” backup configurations, you can also define more sophisticated mixed backup and disaster recovery strategies.

With’s Multi-Cloud Data Protection Solutions you remain in control of your data. They allow you to restore your data and to instantly activate pre-configured disaster recovery environments. It also prevents you from having to bear the complexity and costs of running your own fall-back infrastructure.

Cross Cloud Data Protection

Companies adopting multi-cloud strategies can protect their operations by backing up their virtual servers (OS independent) using our cloud-based backup solutions.

Offsite Cloud Data Protection

Avoid data loss by sending your data to our offsite cloud backup infrastructure. It helps you lower your operational costs and eliminate old fashioned technologies such as tape.

Cloud-Native Replication

Avoid downtime and ensure that your operations remain online. Even if you are a victim of a hacking attempt or if your IT suffers from buggy software or system errors.

Minimize disruptions & unplanned service downtime

Our Multi-Cloud Data Protection Solutions leverage virtualization, storage and cloud technologies for short recovery time (RTO) and low recovery point objectives (RPO). On top of applying for any physical of virtual workload, they are produced using award-winning backup & recovery technologies. Consequently they are the perfect solution to keep your data safely in Luxembourg’s most secure Tier IV data centers.

Whether you are operating physical or virtual server infrastructures,’s Multi-Cloud Data Protection Solutions provide you with ready-to-use technologies allowing you to seamlessly execute on your data availability strategy and to remain in control of your data.

What are your needs?

We have a solution!

Do you wish to recover databases (Microsoft AD, Exchange, SQL and Sharepoint), VMs or workloads running in O365, AWS, IBM Cloud and Azure?

Our Backup as a Service (BaaS) solutions deliver granular restore of items, files, applications and full virtual or physical servers

Are you looking for a second site backup? Do you wish to manage your on site and your second site backup via one management console?

Our second-site backup can be fully integrated with on-premises deployments and used for archiving purposes.

Are you looking for disaster recovery solutions bringing you IT operations back online after a serious crash?

Our Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) solutions instantly provide access to data recovery capabilities and computing power.

The benefits of our Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Manage your risks

Secure your data in’s modern backup and disaster recovery solutions. They are hosted in Luxembourg’s finest Tier IV data centers

Rely on state-of-the-art technologies

Deploy your BaaS and DRaaS using cutting edge technologies as Acronis, Commvault or Veeam.

Manage your costs

Outtask the building and management of complex backup and/or recovery infrastructures without losing control of your data.

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