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2020 is acting in a Corporate Socially Responsible way.

Datacenter Luxembourg is aware that today, the internet and colocation activities represent the foundation of the digital economy. It drives the digital transformation within companies and allows them to interact easily and securely with their ecosystem.

We believe that it is possible to offer our customers most performing services while acting in a Corporate Socially Responsible way.

Therefore, Datacenter Luxembourg is proud to place each level of its operations in a sustainable logic by
systematically opting for:

• Efficient technologies with reduced energy consumption,
• Renewable energies and electricity sources,
• IT equipment recycling.

Thanks to the recycling of used servers, PC’s, workstations and networking equipment we were able to reduce this year our carbon footprint by at least 2.16 tons of CO2.

As a value-creating company, Datacenter Luxembourg sorts, tracks and manages the waste it produces. It is committed to reducing its carbon footprint as much as possible and to promoting the use of renewable resources in every aspect of its activities.

About Datacenter Luxembourg: 

Datacenter Luxembourg is an Internet Service Provider founded in 2000. The company is born out of a true passion for internet technologies and has always been amongst the pioneers of Luxembourg’s server housing industry.

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