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Datacenter Luxembourg Part of the London Event Technology, Finance & More: Luxembourg the Safe Option


Trinity House London | Datacenter Luxembourg

Luxembourg the safe option


On March 6th 2018, Datacenter Luxembourg will be a part of a special event organised by LuxConnect to promote a selection of technological and financial companies from Luxembourg in the United Kingdom. The event promotes ‘Technology, Finance & more and focuses on Luxembourg as the safe option to choose. Besides Datacenter Luxembourg, the other companies to join are Cegecom, Telindus and Luxembourg for Finance. There will be an evening filled with presentations, dinner and networking. The event will be held in the beautiful neo-classical Trinity House, designed by Samuel Wyatt in 1794 on a historic location in the heart of London.


Datacenter Luxembourg Collaboration

If you are interested in a collaboration with Datacenter Luxembourg and you are situated near or in London, please contact us via, or check out our contact page, to set up a meeting with our International Business Developer, Arnaud Gauducheau on March 6th.


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