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The majority of DDoS attacks in 2020 targeted the entertainment industry, telecommunications and e-commerce.

DDoS attacks in 2020

StormWall experts analyzed DDoS attacks targeting multiple European online markets in 2020. The analysis revealed that the Entertainment sector (39,6%), Telecommunications (28%), and Online retail (14,55%) were attacked the most. Other industries that were commonly targeted by DDoS campaigns during the year were Finance (8,94%), Education (5,5%) and Construction (3,41%).

The entertainment industry faced the most DDoS attacks in 2020, with the number of malicious campaigns rising by 14,1%, compared to 2019. Traditionally, the majority of DDoS attacks have been directed at the gaming market. Cybercriminals can easily profit by blackmailing the owners of the attacked entertainment website or online application.

Next, the number of DDoS attacks on the telecommunications industry increased by 27% compared to last year. The increasing frequency of critical attacks in the telecommunications sector is associated with intense competition: Since many companies have adopted remote work, the continued Internet access has become important for many users. The flawed function of Internet infrastructure is becoming increasingly serious, and some companies are using DDoS to compete unfairly.

The number of DDoS attacks in the e-commerce market in 2020 has increased by a staggering 300% compared to 2019. Most of the attacks are launched by competitors or to extort money.

The number of DDoS attacks targeting banks and financial institutions increased by 30% in 2020 compared to 2019. Cybercriminals launch DDoS attacks as a distraction while utilizing different malicious strategies to steal sensitive data. Specifically, hackers are after the personal information of the users and their credit card details.

Source: Wired19
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