Datacenter Luxembourg : Colocation, cloud and connectivity offers you two solutions for hosting your professional e-mail: Hosted Exchange and Open-Xchange

A secure professional e-mail server solution

Hosted Exchange 2013 and Open-Xchange from are professional e-mail servers also offering collaboration services allowing companies to communicate efficiently and in complete security. They also provide users with better performance while accessing, in complete security, all communications tools (e-mail, instant messaging, etc.) from any platform, web browser or device.

Efficient and predictable costs

The Hosted Exchange is based on the hosting edition of Microsoft Exchange 2013. Combined with Microsoft Office Outlook, the service offers access to e-mails remotely and on a mobile device with unequalled productivity, security and respect for private life. With a guaranteed service level and predictable monthly costs, you can already plan for clearly lower costs for your e-mail server needs.

What are the characteristics and advantages of the mail hosting solution?

Multi-level anti-spam filtering with continuous updates which provides a defence against spam and phishing threats. offers an “out of the box” innovative, reliable and evolvable hosting solution.
Compatible with all web browsers and devices that you use which means that you can work anywhere.
Also available as a dedicated managed server, which will be hosted by us. However, you retain control of the parameters.

Concentrate on your forces

Outsourcing the security of your e-mails will allow you to gain in efficacy, optimise your results and minimise the general expenses and other costs. Concentrate on the heart of your business!