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The server facilities management is performed by Datacenter Luxembourg, a team specialising in IT and connectivity for over 15 years. We are aware that time management is precious for a company.

With Datacenter Luxembourg, don’t waste any more time, money or resources. You can now free up precious time for your teams and concentrate on those activities that generate revenue and business. We offer a range of additional services, with added value, to meet all your needs. The object is to ensure the stability, efficiency and availability of the infrastructure that your business relies on.

Facilities management services for managing your servers

We offer numerous additional services:

  • Monitoring tool: our team monitors your data and anticipates any technical problems
  • Installation of a firewall to prevent harmful traffic from accessing your data
  • Installation of a CDN server to deliver content more rapidly
  • Exchange of network routing and accessibility information using the BGP protocol
  • Improved response time with internet traffic management
  • Implementation of a database management system and training on the tools

All of the server facilities management services that we offer are interconnected with our wide range of products. Another undeniable asset is the availability of our support team 24/7 specified by the Service Level Agreement, in order to respond to your most important requests.

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