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Specialised in managing internet facing IT infrastructures for close to 20 years, offers a complete suite of professional services to customers wishing to leverage the experience and the knowledge of’s network and system engineers to implement particular systems or to manage their IT projects in full : design & planification; migration/implementation, management, and decommissioning:

1. Sourcing & procurement services – for the right sourcing decisions and right prices.

2. Remonte Hands and Eyes – for efficient data centre operations with no distractions from your core business.

3. Managed services for Cloud infrastructure Services – for a user experience of endless capacities with no service interuptions.

4. Managed services for Backup & DR – let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst, together.

5. Load balancer management services – for optimized resource use and maximized throughputs throughout the year.

6. Firewall management services – for the continuity of a much needed protection.

7. And more…


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Professional service

Rely on highly qualified and very experienced engineers to execute the tasks that do not belong to your core business.

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Cost control

Avoid unnecessary staffing costs and eliminate the risk of expensive after-hours interventions with’s 24/7, on-demand, scheduled or a packaged services.

Minimize downtime

Leverage our engineers’ familiarity with your environment to resolve issues quickly and to minimize the impact of incidents on your organisation to a bear minimum.

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