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Rack, Cage and Suite

Rack, dedicated cage or suite , Datacenter Luxembourg offers you different colocation space formats in order to offer you the solution that suits your needs. 

Access your data in complete security with the server rack

Do you need significant storage and complete autonomy? A dedicated rack allows you your own closed space that you can access at need and in complete autonomy. You will receive a secure access that you can use 24/7. All of our datacenters are highly secured and certified.

If you decide that a rack or half-rack is no longer enough and you need more space, there is good news: The number of racks you can rent is unlimited.

The dedicated rack has a certain number of customisable options but, if you need a completely private space with made to measure solutions, we recommend the dedicated cage.

Cage: an even more secure space

Are you looking for a completely dedicated private space with the space and power for your servers and equipment? Dedicated cages are physical metal cages used to secure your equipment. The Datacenter Luxembourg dedicated cages can be completely customised and constructed to accept multiple racks, customised or not. You can even create a custom security perimeter with the equipment you need. The cage configurations are also very flexible and we supply a certain number of additional services.

Suite: A dedicated space for your large volumes

The suite is a room dedicated to a specific customer. This solution is ideal for those customers that have, or envisage having, large space requirements. You can fill up the room immediately or envisage filling it as you go. This solution is highly secure as you can choose who has access to your suite.

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