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The SSL certificate reassures your online customers. We know that data security has become a major risk and can strongly affect your daily activities. Confidence is essential when you ask your customer to divulge personal or professional data to make purchases online. They must be sure that the data they are sharing with you is protected against phishing attacks.

Consequently, the SSL certificate is a necessary encrypted link between your server and the customer’s browser that ensures data protection and thus improves the effectiveness of operations. The SSL certificate is used to activate the “https” protocol and displays a padlock in the URL address bar. This display reassures the web users when providing their banking information or other personal data.

Our SSL certificates are approved by more than 93.3% of users.

The technology behind Comodo SSL

Comodo is one of the two largest suppliers of SSL certificates. All SSL certificates are delivered from “Comodo 2048 bit root keys” and comply with the recommendation for a strong principal SSL root.

If you need multiple certificates, SSL certificates are available by way of certificate management and the ePKI manager which both facilitate bulk purchase and validation at reduced prices.